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Al-Haj Abdul Kader Faruk

Al-Haj Abdul Kader Faruk aged 50, Ex-Managing Director and Founder of the Company and also Chairman of the FAR Group born in well known business family in 1960 in Barisal. After completing his Masters in Commerce from Dhaka University he engages himself in business. He became a successful business man in short time of his business career with his sincerity, honesty, conceptual and practical problem solving minded. He has established and own of different type of Industries including M.L. Dyeing Ltd., R.N. Spinning Mills Ltd., M.L. Steel Mills Ltd., M.L. Hotel Tower Ltd., FAR Homes Ltd., FAR Chemical Industries Ltd., Chong Won ARS Sweater Ltd. and other organization.

During his tenor of business career, he gained business technique in textile spinning and its manufacturing, operating, marketing and controlling systems. Mr. Faruk is associated with and donors of a number of schools, colleges and different social welfare organizations. He is well acquainted international scenario because of his business tours in many countries including America, Australia, China, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, UK and many others countries.